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   Get your Brakes done at Airforce tire!   

Are your brake pads, brake shoes worn out?. No worries, Talk to our master brake guy.  check brake pads and shoes are free from our system.

We provide mobile service for brake repair start at $65 only or at garage service. all job are guaranteed 

brake repairs

Suspension System

Basic common suspension problems

Start @  $120

  • Puling to one side

  • Bouncing on bumps and dips

  • one side or corner feels lower

  • Dipping when braking

  • Difficulty or hard teering

  • Rolling out to the side when cornering

suspension replace
suspension assembly installation
Brake service

Basic Causes of Brake Failure

  • Owner Neglect. The most common cause of brake failure is owner neglect. ...

  • Overheating Brake Pads. ...

  • Damaged Rotor Disks. ...

  • Leaking Hydraulic Fluid. ...

  • Driving Through Mud or Water. ...

  • Loss of Hydraulic Brake Fluid Pressure. ...

  • Overloading Your Automobile.

  • Salt

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